Glue Board Fly Killer

LED Fly Killer- Innovative LED Insect Trap

Our ECOFLY LEO designed to be eco-friendly without using any mercury lamps or chemical substances, but applying the innovative LED technology to the specific wavelengths which attract more flies, with less energy consumption. it attracts 5 time more flies than common traps and has a very low operating and maintenance cost.

Insect O Cutor

The Convention on Mercury - a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from anthropogenic emissions and releases of mercury and mercury compounds - carne into force. The Convention limits the use of mercury in products and processes, controls mercury emissions into make air and water, and promotes sound waste disposal.

Eco Fly

Common insect traps use Mercury Vapour Lamp to attract insect.

LED Fly Killer

Leds Can Be Used To Replace The More Power-demanding Traditional Lights For Use In Light Traps.

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