Fly Capture System in Dubai

Paraclipse Terminator™

The Paraclipse Terminator is a portable appliance for commercial and industrial applications. The Terminator’s ingenious design utilizes two lamps and reflectors to attract flies to both sides of the unit. It can be used free-standing or suspended from the ceiling. A wall-mounted model is also available. The Terminator’s high-volume, 60-day cartridge system traps many times more flies than glueboard units.

Fly Traps in Dubai


  • Highly effective combination of special UV light, attractants and trapping surface.
  • Draws flies to the trapping surface and keeps them trapped.
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Booster Reflectors.
  • Exclusive auto-advancing 60-day cartridge system.
  • Eliminates large quantities of flies.
  • Fresh sticky surface and sex attractants released continuously.
  • Cartridge holds over 20 times the capacity of a glue board.
  • Environmentally safe - no scattering of zapped fly parts or sprayed chemicals. Sanitary handling for the disposal of flies.
  • Flies quickly caught during random flight near the lamp.
  • Audible alert to replace used cartridge.
  • Can be a free-standing, ceiling-hung, or wall-mounted. Specially engineered flying insect attracting device for commercial/industrial use attracts insects from both the front and back. (Wall Mount Unit has front exposure only).
  • Silently put an end to your flying insect disturbances and the spread of disease that they carry.
  • Meets USDA & FDA guidelines. Can be used in all commercial and industrial facilities. Research proven flying insect attracting UV light device.
  • Unit keeps your establishment safe and free from flies carrying diseases such as Salmonella and E.coli. Easy to maintain, easy to clean.

Insect Control System in Dubai
  • 1. Reflectors(Front and back)
  • 2. Cutouts for Hanging
  • 3. Decorative Grill
  • 4. Audible Cartridge Replacement Alarm
  • 5. 40-Watt UV Light (2) 20-Watt Lamps
  • 6. Extra large 20" L x 1/4" W Auto-Advancing Catch Surface
  • 7. Access Door for Cartridge Replacement
  • 8. Cartridge Loading Advance Mechanism
  • 9. Cartridge Advance Motor and Component Housing
  • 10. Capture Cartridge
  • 11. Competitor's Glueboard

Paraclipse Terminator DatasheetDatasheet

Paraclipse Terminator VideoVideo

Paraclipse Terminator Consultant SpecsConsultant Specs

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