Paraclipse Cartridge in the Dubai

Paraclipse Capture Cartridge®

Paraclipse has smartly solved all those problems with our Capture Cartridge®. The cartridge auto-advances, so a fresh adhesive and attractant surface is always presented. As insects become trapped, they are rolled into the receiving end of the cartridge. When it is time to dispose of the cartridge, the trapped insects are contained in the cartridge housing for clean and sanitary handling.

Clean and Sanitary

The Paraclipse Insect Control System is the safest and most sanitary way to trap flies and other insects. Research has shown that when insects are electrocuted, bug zappers can spread a mist containing insect parts up to about 7 feet (2.1 m) from the device. The air around the bug zapper can become contaminated by bacteria and viruses that can be inhaled by, or settle on the food of people nearby. Glue boards become carpeted with insects, and then must be handled. Chemical fly control systems are toxic, and always pose a risk of contamination.

The Paraclipse system avoids the problems of other control methods, while also offering an effective insect control system that is powerfully attracting and better designed for public spaces.

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