Grease Traps for Commercial Kitchens

The G-BOX is a well known Grease Interceptor which captures the grease directly at source. We not only capture 2.5 the capacity of our competitor which is 6,600ltr/hour,in addidtion we also capture the solid food waste in a separate container to avoid drain blockages.

The G-BOX has been designed to capture the FOGS also Grease, Oil and Fats direct from the main source where it accours, the Potwash Sink or the Flight Dishwasher directly. The Oil is then captured in the acruelic container in front of the Unit which is been emptied on a daily basis. The System avoids to discharge any Oil into the Drain as well has a separate container which takes care of the Solid Food Waste. The Solid food Waste collector basket is also emptied as part of the standard SOP similar like cleaning your dishwasher at the end of a Shift.

Commercial kitchens naturally discharge high levels of fats, oils and grease into the drains. This result in blockages, bad smell and a messy grease Trap. With the G-BOX you have less cleaning regime for your Grease Trap, much cleaner and no more smell from your drains wich is especially in small F&B Outlets very irritating while cooking.

We supply customized kitchen grease trap service and installation for various food service environments like commercial kitchens, hotels, offices and restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and across Middle East.

If you require a Trial to demonsttrate the power and functionality of the amazing G-Box please email us to arrange a suitable time and date.

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