UGA Escapes Sri Lanka

UGA Escapes

The UGA Experience unites the natural magic of Sri Lanka with the warmest hospitality of the people. Each of their boutique hotels, Sri Lanka exudes care-infused treatment for the guests. They will ensure that their guests are luxuriously comfortable. Their boutique hotels include Ulagalla in Anuradhapura, Jungle Beach in Trincomalee, UGA Bay in Pasikudah, Chena Huts in Yala as well as UGA Residence in Colombo.

MGK, which was founded in Dubai in 2004, has established a client portfolio throughout the GCC countries, and is expanding rapidly internationally. UGA Escapes is MGK’s first client in Sri Lanka for the MGK EndoCube. Holger Joost, Group Executive Chef for UGA ESCAPES Sri Lanka, has introduced the MGK EndoCube device to ensure the Company its adhered to highest green standards.

The MGK Endocube device reduces the electrical power consumption of walk-in chillers, freezers and cold rooms, saving hospitality businesses for up to 30% on refrigeration bills. Inside the MGK EndoCube is a food simulant that has been proven by the American NSF to mimic the properties of refrigerated food and beverages. Now, rather than responding to rapidly fluctuating refrigerated air temperature, the MGK EndoCube allows the refrigeration system to respond to food temperature instead.

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