Sheraton Lagos Hotel Nigeria

Sheraton Lagos Hotel

Sheraton Lagos Hotel is an MGK Temptrak client and was the first hotel in Nigeria to be monitored by MGK’s HACCP Wireless Temperature Monitoring System. In the year 2016, Sheraton Lagos Hotel have installed the MGK EndoCube device that can help reduce refrigeration energy costs by up to 30% and can increase the lifespan of the refrigeration equipment.

The MGK EndoCube consists of a food simulant contained in a double-skinned enclosure. This food simulant mimics the temperature of food at 10mm below the surface and is designed to be fitted around the refrigerator’s thermostat sensor. The thermostat regulates when refrigeration is switched on or off.

Once in place, the MGK EndoCube transforms the fundamental operation of the refrigerator because it will now use food temperature as the signal to control its refrigeration cycle rather than fluctuating air temperature. The effect is a more efficient refrigeration cycle, where the individual cycle lasts longer but the frequency is reduced by up to 80%.

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