Sheraton Kampala Hotel

Sheraton Kampala Hotel

Sheraton Kampala is Kampala’s only international hotel brand, ideally situated in the heart of the city and welcomes guests with relaxed ambiance and a dazzling array of upscale amenities. It features 236 newly renovated guest rooms and suites, and has a local flavour of decorations and homely comfort.

Sheraton Kampala is one of the international clients of MGK. MGK, which is based in Dubai, has introduced the MGK EndoCube device that reduces energy consumption costs for up to 30%. This device has been widely spread across the international hotels in the GCC and has reached Kampala in Uganda.

Inside the MGK EndoCube is a food simulant that has been proven by the American NSF to mimic the properties of refrigerated food and beverages. Now, rather than responding to rapidly fluctuating refrigerated air temperature, the MGK EndoCube allows the refrigeration system to respond to food temperature instead.

Sheraton Kampala has installed the MGK EndoCube device which reduces electrical power consumption and saves for up to 30% on energy bills.

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