Coya Restaurant

(Background photo courtesy from Coya Restaurant)

Coya Restaurant is an award winning restaurant who brings the spirit of South America to the heart of Dubai. The restaurant is situated at the Four Seasons Resort on Jumeirah Beach Road and offers Peruvian cuisine to the residents of Dubai. It welcomes a diverse clientele to feast on a variety of palate teasing dishes as they are transported to the essence of Peru.

Coya Restaurant was awarded as Time Out Dubai’s Restaurant of the Year for the year 2016, Time Out Dubai’s Best Americas of 2016, and What’s On Restaurant of the Year 2016. Along with as Goodfood Awards Chef of the Year.

By attaining the cleaning and sanitization requirements of the restaurant, COYA Restaurant have acquired the MGK ROX Electrolyzing Water System. MGK ROX Water can help aiming to go green and helps in the prevention of food poisoning to guests and staffs. MGK ROX Water offers a greater efficiency, faster processing, simple to operate, safer and cost-effective way of cleaning and sanitizing compared to old fashioned methods, for example, using chemicals like Sodium Hypochlorite.

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