BiCE Mare Restaurant Souk Al Bahr

BiCE Mare

(Background photo courtesy from Time Out Dubai)

BiCE Mare is one of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The restaurant is situated in Souk Al Bahr near Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain, serves contemporary fine dining Italian seafood inspired cuisine cooked by the well-known Chef Leonardo Maltese and his talented Italian kitchen team.

BiCE Mare was awarded as What’s On Magazine’s Best in Seafood Restaurant for 3 years in a row. It is yet another award winning restaurant under the helm of the BiCE Group with over 35 restaurants widely spread across the globe. BiCE Mare was also voted as one of the Hot 100 Restaurants in Dubai 2011.

BiCE Mare is one of the MGK’s restaurants clients who uses the MGK ROX Electrolyzing Water System to develop an eco-friendly environment and promote the Go Green philosophy. MGK ROX Water is the ultimate chemical-free solution for cleaning and sanitizing foods, kitchen utensils, and kitchen areas. It generates Alkaline water for cleaning and Acidic water for sanitizing just from tap water, salt and electricity. It is the perfect solution for hotel kitchens and restaurants who are aiming to go green.

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