Zuma Restaurant Dubai

Zuma Restaurant Dubai

Zuma is an award-winning Japanese restaurant which has led the way for more than a decade with their sophisticated twist on ‘izakaya’-style informal dining: a contemporary take on authentic Japanese cuisine. It was founded in Knightsbridge, London in 2002 by Chef Rainer Becker and quickly established a worldwide reputation.

Zuma Restaurant Dubai is situated in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). It was awarded as Time Out Restaurant of the Year in 2014, Time Out Best Japanese Restaurant, Best Brunch Restaurant, and Best Business Lunch in 2015, What’s On Favourite Business Lunch in 2015, and was listed in the Top 100 World’s Best Restaurants at 89th spot in 2016. It’s the fifth consecutive year for Zuma Dubai to be listed in the Top 100 since 2012 at 96th spot.

Zuma Dubai was the first to adopt the system of ROX Electrolyzed Water System from MGK in the UAE with the machine installed in year 2012. They have installed two units, one in the main kitchen and the other in the receiving area. ROX Water is manufactured by the Japanese company Hoshizaki and is a chemical-free electrolyzing water system; for cleaning and sanitizing food in preparation areas and kitchen contact surfaces. ROX machine works with tap water, table salt and electricity. Through the process of electrolysis, the ROX machine splits the water in two streams, one for Alkaline that is for cleaning and one for Acidic that is for sanitizing. The ROX alkaline cleaning water is a natural cleaning agent and detergent and a highly effective degreaser used to dissolve proteins, fats, biofilms and oils. While ROX acidic sanitizing water disinfects and sterilises any work surfaces on contact, as well as kitchen utensils, vegetables, raw fish, tables and hands.

Rox Electrolyzed Water System

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