Claw Barbecue Dubai

Claw Barbecue is UAE’s first genuine BBQ eatery. It is situated in Souk Al Bahar Dubai, UAE. It is managed by the Whissle Group, a Dubai-based Hospitality Company founded by Markus Thesleff and Ramzy Abdul-Majeed, who are the co-founders of the multi-awarded winning OKKU Luxury Japanese Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai, UAE.

Claw Barbecue’s menu includes a wide selection of BBQ grilled meat and specialty steaks, and the legendary seafood buckets featuring loads of fresh crabs, crawfish and shrimp. It also features massive burgers, baby-back ribs, Buffalo Wings and smoked chicken. Drinks are also served with an entire section of what they called the ‘Unruly World of Rum’ with no less than 13 cocktails.

MGK providing food safety measures, has worked with Claw Barbecue to promote green solution through ROX Electrolyzed Water System which generates Alkaline water for cleaning and Acidic water for sanitizing from tap water, table salt and electricity. Claw Barbeque has been using the ROX Electrolyzed Water System since July of 2014 and are still using for the drive on being eco-friendly.

ROX Electrolyzed Water System

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