Al Manzil Downtown Dubai

Al Manzil Downtown Dubai

Al Manzil Downtown Dubai is a 4-star deluxe hotel which is situated in Downtown Dubai, just steps away from the tallest building, Burj Khalifa. It was awarded as the Best Hotel Refurbishment Awards last 2015 in Middle East Hotel Awards. The hotel is distinguished by its Arabesque design elements and elegant decor, which celebrate the region’s cultural identity, and a diversity of culinary choices resonating the flavours of the Arab world. Al Manzil Downtown Dubai features 197 elegant rooms designed to provide a sense of home and embracing welcome for the visitors.

Al Manzil Downtown Dubai is managed by Vida Hotels and Resorts. Vida is a new brand of Emaar Hospitality Group. It is an exciting and refreshingly different hotel concept for the new generation of business executives, entrepreneurs and leisure travellers.

Al Manzil Downtown Dubai is one of the many clients of MGK who uses the ROX Electrolyzing Water System. MGK has successfully installed their ROX unit in 2015. ROX generates Alkaline water (cleaning water) and Acidic water (sanitizing water) from tap water, salt and electricity. Both ROX Water can be used in food sanitation. ROX is the ultimate green solution for those hotels who are aiming on going green.

Rox Electrolyzed Water System

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