Commercial Refrigeration


Low energy commercial refrigeration is recognised as being an important aspect of reducing the CO2 output around the world.

Refrigeration represents a surprisingly large proportion of worldwide electricity consumption. Food production all over the planet uses refrigeration technology which works in much the same way.


This is where the MGK EndoCube comes in. Rather than replacing your expensive and ‘in-use’ commercial refrigeration units, you can simply make them work more efficiently. Invented by a team of British engineers using lateral thinking, the EndoCube has been a global phenomenon and patented worldwide.

Aside from extensive in-house testing, the EndoCube has been rigorously put through its paces by various independent organisations. This testing has paid off and it has been received with acclaim by some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. Mainly due to the simplicity of installation and the fact that the MGK EndoCube will reduce the energy consumption of a refrigeration system by up to 30%.

A specially designed microcrystalline wax substance, non-toxic and designed to mimic the thermal properties of food, the MGK EndoCube has become a real revolution in the world of commercial refrigeration. Simply and quickly installed over the thermostat sensor in any refrigeration unit the EndoCube reduces the cycles used.

Because the MGK EndoCube cuts the number of refrigeration cycles, it doesn’t just cut the energy expended by the system, but reduces the wear and tear on the machinery as well. The results in lower maintenance costs, less down time and longer life-span for your equipment. Whether it is a large meat locker, refrigerated display unit or any other commercial refrigeration system.

The MGK EndoCube has received rave reviews, with 10% – 30% reduction in energy costs you can see why it has been adopted by some of the world’s largest supermarkets, food wholesalers, breweries, beverage manufacturers and hotels across the globe.

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