MGK’s Endocube Saves Restaurant 30% Refrigeration Costs


MGK a provider HACCP monitoring solutions has introduced the Endocube, a device that can save catering and hospitality businesses up to 30% on refrigeration bills.

The product reduces electrical power consumption of walk-in chillers and freezers, saving signifcant costs without any adverse impact on stored products.

The MGK Endocube is composed of a food simulant contained in a double-skinned enclosure and is placed on the refrigerator’s thermostat sensor.

The product uses the temperature of stored food to control the refrigeration cycle, rather than relying on fluctuating air temperatures.

The result is a more efficient refrigeration cycle, whereby the individual cycle lasts longer but the frequency is reduced by up to 80%.

The life span of the refrigeration unit is also increased, while wear and tear and maintenance costs are reduced.

The product is available for the hospitality market in the Middle East, and is suitable for hotels, restaurants and warehouses with walk-in chillers, freezers and coldstores.

Founded in Dubai in 2004, MGK has established a client portfolio throughout the GCC countries, and is expanding rapidly in South-East Asia.

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